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Tenderheart Bear
Caring Mission: Showing people how to care.
Symbol: His heart symbol represents his famous loving care.
Personality: Caring and kind.
Character Quirk: He's a real daredevil in any vehicle from a skateboard to a cloudmobile.
Color: Brown.
Best Friend: Grumpy Bear
Relationship Challenge: Helping Funshine Bear know when it's the wrong time to joke.
Motto: Nobody cares like a bear!

Tenderheart is one of the ten original Care Bears to have been released in the first plush toy line in 1983. He was quickly established in the Nelvana cartoon series as the bears' leader, often the kindest and most level-headed bear playing straight man to the others' name-related neuroses. He is made of infinite patience, which is probably useful with the release of the new 2004-present resurgance of Care Bears. With this new release, Tenderheart has regrettably fallen as just another fur color amidst a squadron of other bears, oftentimes limited to the "classic" series only available in Carlton Cards-affiliated stores. Classic or no, Tenderheart Bear will always lead the good fight against depression, even if it's limited to the fandom that refuses to forget him.

(Profile information courtesy of the Care Bears' official page.)