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Ryosuke Yamada
Nicknames: Yama-chan, Ryo-chan
Profession: Actor and singer
Date of birth: May 9, 1993
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood type: B
JPop group Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! 7
Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment
Favorite Food: Strawberry and Eggplant
Least Favorite Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
Favorite Subject: Everything except Math, Social Studies and Japanese
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Color: White, Orange
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Charming Point: Well-padded cheek
Type of Girls: Light-skinned, cute, kind, loud like him, and fun to be with.
Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
Former groups: Kitty Jr., Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
Admired senior: Domoto Koichi


After a successful audition televised in 2004, Ryosuke was selected to join the monolithic Johnny's Talent Agency in Japan, famous for manufacturing impossibly famous boybands, actors, and male models. He acted as a backdancer for years, but showed an immediate aptitude for dance. He was steadily trusted with larger parts closer to center stage, and was eventually selected to take part in the group of young talents known as "Hey!Say!7" showcasing the ability of youth in Japan ("Hey! Say!" is a pun on Heisei, the current era in Japan which began in 1989. All members of this group were born in Heisei). Since the group's debut (and subsequent namechange to "Hey!Say!Jump" after welcoming additional members), Ryosuke has become one of the most popular members, due in part to the success he's recieved from acting roles in several high-profile dramas.

(For more detailed information on Ryosuke and the heisei set, please visit his Wikipedia or wiki.thePPN entry.)