About Tim and Steph

Please be aware that this quick passage eventually derails into some small yet crucial spoilers concerning the end of the Bat-books' "War Games" storyline and a small portion of "Identity Crisis". Please stop here if that is a concern.

Tim Drake
Tim is the third boy to partner himself with the Batman. He is also the first Robin to have two alive, affluent parents of his own, living in a home in Bruce Wayne's ritzy neighborhood. Tim was a longtime fanboy, particularly of Dick Grayson's first Robin. After the death of Jason Todd (Robin II), Tim noticed Batman again operating solo and perceptively noted that Batman needs a Robin to keep himself sane. Tim used a hefty amount of detectivework and tracked down the entrance of the Batcave. Batman was hardly in a place to deny Tim on the basis of ability, and was eventually persuaded to take on a new partner.
Tim's stint as Robin is epic, and his adventures are far too numerous to even properly gloss over. Time and time again, he has proven himself to be a capable detective, a reliable partner, and an effective leader. Yet, this has done nothing to spare him from personal tragedy. Early on, his mother was murdered, a casualty to a supervillain attack. Tim lived alone with his father through the loss of their fortune, and his father's remarriage. Shortly after Tim's sixteenth birthday, his father stumbled into the discovery of his son's double life. Outraged, he demanded Tim relenquish his dangerous lifestyle. It took a great deal of convincing, but Tim eventually aquiesced and gave up the costumed life. Events refused to let him rest, though, and he was eventually summoned back into duty as Robin to help deal with a gang war.
During the "Identity Crisis" miniseries, a mercenary was hired to threaten and frighten Tim's father. The encounter left Tim's father dead, and Tim an orphan. Rather than fall into Bat-canon habit and become Batman's ward, Tim has left on his own, letting the Wayne fortune give him a modest space alone in Bludhaven, where his crimefighting has continued seamlessly.

Stephanie Brown
If one was to prejudge Steph by her background alone, they would probably peg her as a villain. She is the daughter of Cluemaster, the poor-man's Riddler, and had a spotty childhood stuffed full of petty thugs and child abuse. However, instead of allowing their antics to penetrate into her behavior, she instead chose to become a hero. She dubbed herself "Spoiler", since she was one who spoiled villains' plans. Her path as a vigilante crossed Tim's on many occasions, and she quickly became a companion, partner, and more.
If Steph's background impacted her behavior at all, it would probably be best reflected in her teenage pregnancy. After some debate, she chose to bring her child to term and then give it up for adoption, knowing she was much too young to provide it with any sort of future. She understood her financial and social status would be less than conducive to a healthy baby, and chose to preserve youth in a better home than hers.
During Tim's hiatus as Robin, Stephanie quickly stepped in to volunteer as a replacement sidekick. According to the dates in the journal she kept, she held the Robin position for exactly 71 days before she disobeyed one of Batman's orders in the field and was subsequently fired. Indignant about having the Robin mantle taken from her, she set into motion the first step of a "War Game" Batman had invented as a theory. As a result of the story of the same name, Spoiler was captured by the villain Black Mask, tortured in particularly gruesome ways, and murdered.

Tim & Steph
Together, Tim and Steph have had a complicated relationship. At first, Tim was attached to another girl, and Spoiler was simply an ally to help him while out working at night. He discovered her identity fairly quickly (with some surprise that she was, indeed, a girl), but his remained a secret. Though he and Steph interacted both in and out of costume, he would visit her in disguise. Eventually, Tim's affections for Steph grew beyond the casual relationship between coworkers, and they began dating, despite the obvious barrier of identity. It is Batman who informed Steph of Tim's civilian identity and allowed them to become closer than ever.
While they were together, they shared some of the most delightfully lighthearted, warm-spirited exchanges to ever grace a Bat-book. Their banter was loveable, and their heart genuine and true, as evidenced in this rooftop exchange from Robin #57:

Spoiler: I feel funny calling you "Robin." I mean, as your name.
Robin: Could be worse. At least Robin is a name.
Spoiler: Imagine if I had to call you "Nightwing."
Robin: Or "Green Lantern... My Darling."
Spoiler: *snort!* heehee hee hee! You made me snort, you creep!
Robin: Try "I love you... Aquaman."
Spoiler and Robin: *doubling over, laughing*

For being the only bat-couple in canon who've managed to remain happy more than 60% of their time together, Steph and Robin deserve respect.

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