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Age: Unknown
Occupation: Faerie (Rayearth), Idol (Tsubasa)
Namesake: Nissan Primera
Voice Actresses: Shiratori Yuri (Rayearth -- Japanese), Mochizuki Hisayo (Tsubasa), Reba West (Rayearth -- English dub)

Primera in Rayearth

Primera is a faerie, native to the whimsical land of Cephiro. During a monster attack, she was rescued by Lantis, the magical swordsman, and from then on decided to follow him around, utterly in love. She is insanely jealous of anyone who approaches her beloved Lantis, and is used primarily as a character designed for comic relief (Fluffy CLAMP mascot Mokona is fond of trying to eat her). She is never given the opportunity for real emotional growth, and that is where the crime exists. Primera is intensely loyal to those who show her compassion, but her affections are never returned. Her passion radiates from her in all directions, but is never channeled in a helpful way. She loves, but is never really loved in return. If put in her position, anyone would be a bit of a shrew.

Primera in Tsubasa

In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Primera is a popular idol in Hanshin. She's quite infatuated with Shougo, and is jealous of the talk about Syaoran and his powerful kudan has been receiving from all of kudan gangs. In order to get Shougo's attention, she decides to kidnap the young boy to challenge him to a kudan battle. She mistakenly kidnaps the wrong person. She weilds a microphone that is able to project her voice as loud sonar blasts.


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(The Tsubasa information is borrowed from Wing Journey. If you're interested in what's here, then I highly suggest visiting that page for more.)

Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read. It merely records the degree of the lover's insecurity.
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