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Name: Wapiko
Real name: Amanda
Birthday: October 11th, 1987
Family: Mother & three cats
Favorite foods: Chicken, pasta, chicken with pasta, chicken sandwiches, pasta salads, more things involving chicken and pasta, freezy pops, miso soup

Pi pi pi Piko?

Wapiko's the crazy girl that got me into fanlistings in the first place. xD She's a terribly warm person who finds a way to balance bitchiness and generosity into a compact little yinyang package. She's built a little community-sized name for herself -- perhaps you've downloaded music from Shekimusic on Livejournal. Maybe you've been following super girlrock band Zewi from her awesome fanpage. If you haven't yet visited her gravure idol BBS, you're certainly missing out. The thing about Wapiko is that she isn't content to rest on her laurels and sit alone in her fandoms. She always makes it a point to invite the wider community into her obsessions, helping new people ease into understanding so they can join the fanbases closest to her heart.
It's only natural to have a fanlisting for someone who's worked so hard to unite fans in the English-speaking community.


For those new to the idea, a fanlisting is essentially a list of fans of a certain musician, actor, TV Show, or anything. People from all around the world stop by and add on to show their support for the fandoms that they love.

(The stats above are shamelessly stolen from her fanlisting collective's profile. I am indeed that uncreative.)