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 Let's Go!
Let's Go!: 4th Ikimasshoi!
TheFanlistings.org > Albums > Morning Musume > 4th Ikimasshoi!
A fanlisting for the subjectively best album Morning Musume's ever put out. :D

 Cutie Queen
Cutie Queen: Airi Suzuki
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Airi Suzuki
A fanlisting for the young Hello! Project talent Suzuki Airi! She might not have had puberty yet, but that doesn't stop her from being a better singer than most.

 Our Song
Our Song: Asami Abe
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Abe Asami
A fanlisting for Singer and Actress Asami Abe. She's not just Nacchi's little sister.

Prodigy: Asuca Hayashi
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Hayashi Asuca
A fanlisting for the young prodigy Hayashi Asuca! She sang like a seasoned performer since her debut at 13, and is in a category all her own in terms of both style and substance.

 Bottlecap Fanboy
Bottlecap Fanboy: Bert
TheFanlistings.org > Characters: TV > Muppet Productions / Sesame Street: Bert
A fanlisting for the so-called "boring one" of the Bert'n'Ernie team. Have a bowl of oatmeal with us!

 Everything Nice
Everything Nice: Blossom
TheFanlistings.org > Animation > Characters > The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom
A fanlisting for the "commander and the leader" of the cutest Superhero team ever.

Surrogate: Cecil + Rydia
TheFanlistings.org > Games > Relationships > Cecil Harvey and Rydia
A fanlisting for the relationship between hero Cecil and young Rydia, the most adorable adopted family to ever see gameplay.

Checkmate: Christopher Knight
TheFanlistings.org > Actors > Knight, Christopher
A fanlisting for the best of the former Brady Bunch clan. *O*/

 For You
For You: Crazy About You
TheFanlistings.org > Songs: Bands/Groups > Mini Moni > Crazy About You
A fanlisting for the most mature, unique song in Minimoni's library.

Courage: Erika Miyoshi
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Miyoshi Erika
A fanlisting for the one in Biyuuden who can carry a melody. ;D

 Naked and True
Naked and True: hiro
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Shimabukuro Hiroko
A fanlisting for the best vocalist to ever come out of SPEED. :D

 Crimson Fist
Crimson Fist: Ken Masters
TheFanlistings.org > Games > Characters > Street Fighter > Ken Masters
A fanlisting for Ken, the secondary half of the immortal martial arts duo who helped redefine the 2D fighter in the gaming industry.

 Princess Story
Princess Story: Kirara Princess
AnimeFanlistings.org > Series > Kirara Princess
A fanlisting for the Disney/Nakayoshi collaboration series that combines traditional shoujo storytelling with awesome Disney characters.

 Piano Girls
Piano Girls: Kiroro
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Bands/Groups > Kiroro
A fanlisting for my first J-pop act. Kiroro is a duet group, and they've made some of the prettiest music I've ever heard~<3

Majiiro!: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
TheFanlistings.org > TV Shows> Mahou Sentai Magiranger
A fanlisting for the awesome sentai series that ran in Japan during the 2005-2006 television season.

Sweetheart: Mika Kikuchi
TheFanlistings.org > Actresses > Kikuchi Mika
A fanlisting for sentai and anime star Kikuchi Mika! She's probably best known for her role as Dekapink in Dekaranger, but is quickly gaining popularity as a voice actor.

 Minimoni da Pyon!
Minimoni da Pyon!: Minimoni
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Bands/Groups > Mini Moni
A fanlisting for the peppiest mature-ish kiddy group of comedians Japan has ever known.

Yuuwaku: Nakazawa Yuuko
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Nakazawa Yuko
A fanlisting for Hello!Project bosslady and all around awesome ex-Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuuko. Adopted from the awesome Kaorin.

 More Greatly Dared
More Greatly Dared: Phaethon
TheFanlistings.org > Mythology/Religion > Greek > Phaeton
A fanlisting for the tragic Greek figure who became a victim in literature's first car crash.

Generations: Power Rangers
TheFanlistings.org > TV Shows> Power Rangers
A fanlisting for the longrunning children's television series that has been inspiring kids to join karate for the last 15 years.

 Petit Jealousy
Petit Jealousy: Primera
AnimeFanlistings.org > Characters > Magic Knight Rayearth > Primera
A fanlisting for Rayearth's spunky little faerie, who unfortunately never gets the chance to keep her man.

 Quiet Passion
Quiet Passion: Ryosuke Yamada
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Male > Yamada Ryosuke
A fanlisting for the junior heartthrob dancing his way through puberty in Hey!Say!Jump.

 Oh No!
Oh No!: Satoshi Ohno
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Male > Ohno Satoshi
A fanlisting for the Leader of Arashi, best known for his amazing vocals and quirky sense of humor.

 Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather: Spoiler x Robin (Relationship)
TheFanlistings.org > Comics > Relationships > Tim Drake (Robin) and Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)
A fanlisting for Tim and Steph, the fluffiest, sweetest couple to grace the pages of the Batman universe.

 A Little Bit of TLC
A Little Bit of TLC: Tenderheart Bear
TheFanlistings.org > Animation > Characters > Care Bears: Tenderheart Bear
A fanlisting for the best Care Bear.

Questing: The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers
TheFanlistings.org > Animation > Episodes > South Park 613: The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers
A fanlisting for the best example of what makes a good episode of South Park.

 That is WAY too much pressure!
That is WAY too much pressure!: Tweek
TheFanlistings.org > Animation > Characters > South Park: Tweek
A fanlisting for the most hyperactive kid in South Park. GAH! >.O

Toygirl: Wapiko
TheFanlistings.org > Webmasters > Amanda/Wapiko (harmony-bunny.net)
A fanlisting for the most awesome FL-lady ever. :D

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