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 Cutie Queen
Cutie Queen: Airi Suzuki
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Airi Suzuki
A fanlisting for the young Hello! Project talent Suzuki Airi! She might not have had puberty yet, but that doesn't stop her from being a better singer than most.

 Our Song
Our Song: Asami Abe
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Abe Asami
A fanlisting for Singer and Actress Asami Abe. She's not just Nacchi's little sister.

Prodigy: Asuca Hayashi
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Hayashi Asuca
A fanlisting for the young prodigy Hayashi Asuca! She sang like a seasoned performer since her debut at 13, and is in a category all her own in terms of both style and substance.

Courage: Erika Miyoshi
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Miyoshi Erika
A fanlisting for the one in Biyuuden who can carry a melody. ;D

 Naked and True
Naked and True: hiro
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Shimabukuro Hiroko
A fanlisting for the best vocalist to ever come out of SPEED. :D

Yuuwaku: Nakazawa Yuuko
TheFanlistings.org > Musicians: Female > Nakazawa Yuko
A fanlisting for Hello!Project bosslady and all around awesome ex-Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuuko. Adopted from the awesome Kaorin.

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