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Ken Masters
Date Of Birth: 14th February 1965
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm - 176cm
Weight: 72kg - 76kg
Birthplace: America


The mixed-blooded son of a wealthy businessman, Ken grew up in America with a true socialite's attitude toward life. Sensing his son would become horribly spoiled, Ken's father shipped him off to Japan to learn discipline in the form of martial arts taught by Gouken, an old friend of the family. There, Ken trained for ten years alongside the eager Ryu, where they developed a lifelong friendship based on the conventional "buddy movie" pair of the quiet, studious asian man and the high-spirited, fun-loving American. They sparred and trained for ten years, until Gouken was murdered at the hands of the evil M. Bison (Vega in the Japanese original). This spawned a long series of entries into the Street Fighter tournaments, which Bison sponsored in an attempt to locate the strongest fighters of the world as potential recruits for his terrorist organization. Ken entered many tournaments, winning all of his American exploits but never quite able to best Ryu in international competition.

Eventually, Ken retired to settle down with his girlfriend Eliza, but his restless spirit refused to be quelled. Despite his marriage and the subsequent birth of a son, Ken found himself growing restless with quiet home life. Thus, he has continued to compete and has taken two students, Sean and his son Mel, settling back in his legacy as one of the two characters to appear in at least one incarnation of every game in the Street Fighter franchise.

(For more detailed information on Ken and his place in the Street Fighter franchise, please visit his Wikipedia entry.) pn.org/Suzuki_Airi" target="_blank">Wiki.theppn entry.)

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