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Lightspeed Rescue

Based on: Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V
                (Also: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger)
Airdates: February 12th, 2000 ~ November 18th, 2000
            Carter Grayson (Red)
            Chad Lee (Blue)
            Joel Rawlings (Green)
            Kelsey Winslow (Yellow)
            Dana Mitchell (Pink)
            Ryan Mitchell (Titanium)

Lightspeed Rescue was a curious departure from what had become the norm in Power Rangers. Until this point, the stories had all revolved around teenagers secretly saving a world from intergalactic invaders. This series turned the formula on its ear. Instead of the norm, this adventure followed a fully public group of adult Rangers with man-made powers. They began as lifeguards, firefighters, and nurses, compiled together to save their town from an ancient, yet completely worldly, evil. These were career heroes, who saved lives for a living long before the series opens. It was a fascinating change to see the evolution of Rangers who didn't have to wade through an initial learning curve. This season included a group of people who were idealized as invincible, yet still took the time to explore their innate insecurities and fallibilities.

Time Force

Based on: Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Airdates: February 3rd, 2001 ~ November 17th, 2001
            Alex (Red, 3000)
            Wesley Collins (Red, 2001)
            Lucas Kendall (Blue)
            Trip (Green)
            Katie Walker (Yellow)
            Jen Scotts (Pink)
            Eric Myers (Quantum)

The writing staff on the series had steadily been guiding it in an incrementally more mature direction since the success of the Space season. This maturity became the backbone of Time Force. It began darkly, with a group of Power Rangers from the future chasing down an escaped killer through a time warp into the past. In the very first episode, the original Red Ranger is presumably killed. Jen, the Pink Ranger and the grieving girlfriend of the former Red Ranger, steps up to take the lead in the rest of this mission. Along the way, they accept Wes into their fold. Wes, the estranged son of a billionaire indultrialist, is granted the discarded Red Ranger powers, and they together set out to recapture the escaped monsters from the future.

This season did its best to drive home the point that the future is not written in stone. Wes battles against the expectations placed upon him as heir to a corporate empire he doesn't want. For a time, after his father is injured and lies on his deathbed, he even tries to fit into the professional mold everyone expects of him. He fails, because he cannot force himself to be anyone other than the person he is. This theme is empowering amidst the death and soul-searching that occurs around it. No wonder Time Force, the series about breaking from expectations, is the only season of Power Rangers to ever feature the Pink Ranger in a leadership role.

Wild Force

Based on: Hyakujuu Sentai GaoRanger
Airdates: February 9th, 2002 ~ November 16th, 2002
            Cole Evans (Red)
            Max Cooper (Blue)
            Danny Delgado (Black)
            Taylor Earhardt (Yellow)
            Alyssa Enrile (White)
            Merrick Baliton (Lunar Wolf)

Wild Force answers the question of what a Power Rangers series would be like if it was written by the fans that analyze it. This season featured the curious addition of a longtime fan to the writing staff, a choice which is still hotly debated within the current fan community. The sides seem equally divided over the merit of the stories within. The premise is rather new-age at heart: the pollution of the modern world has weakened an ancient seal once used to imprison the evil Master Org. The Earth's animal spirits sought out a group of humans to help defeat the ressurrected evil.

This season also contained the episode that divides fans even more rigidly than the writer issue before it. To commemmorate the tenth incarnation of Power Rangers, the episode Forever Red brought back every Red Ranger from the beginning (minus Steve Cardenas as Rocky) in an epic battle for the galaxy. Unfortunately, the far-reaching story was restricted to only one 30-minute episode, leaving many longtime fans feeling cheated by the brisk plot and general discontinuity. It has been analyzed to death, though it can be argued that the episode was intended as a lighthearted nod to the very fans that continue to pick it apart. On many Power Rangers forums, addressing the subject often results in a ban.

Ninja Storm

Based on: Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger
Airdates: February 15th, 2003 ~ November 15th, 2003
            Shane Clarke (Red)
            Tori Hanson (Blue)
            Dustin Brooks (Yellow)
            Hunter Bradley (Crimson)
            Blake Bradley (Navy)
            Cameron Watanabe (Green)

While producing this season, several shakeups occured on the production end. Disney bought the rights to Power Rangers from Saban and Fox, and uprooted the entire franchise to New Zealand, where filming and actors were both much cheaper. Ironically, it is in this new setting that much of the original writing staff returned.

Ninja Storm follows a trio of students in a secret ninja academy, the bottom in their class, who happen to be late and miss an alien attack on their school. All other students were imprisioned, leaving the final three as the last hope for the Earth's defense. They are later joined by two adopted brothers from a rival ninja school, also the only survivors from a different attack. They fought together after an initial rivalry, and indulged in extreme sports during their downtime. They were the most fun-loving group the franchise had seen in years, who still managed to balance several mature, though brief, subplots.

Dino Thunder

Based on: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Airdates: February 14th, 2004 ~ November 20th, 2004
            Connor McKnight (Red)
            Ethan James (Blue)
            Kira Ford (Yellow)
            Tommy Oliver (Black)
            Trent Fernandez-Mercer (White)

Fans were concerned that Power Rangers was losing its heritage since the Disney move. In an episode of Ninja Storm, it was mentioned that Power Rangers existed as a comic book, and it also lacked an episode featuring a special guest appearance by the previous year's ranger team, which had become standard practice by then (the Wild Force cast refused to film such an episode in protest for the California crew that had lost jobs because of the New Zealand outsourcing). In an attempt to win back the fans' trust, producers began making phone calls. The next series would feature a return of Jason David Frank to the role of Tommy Oliver, this time acting as a father figure to the new team of teenaged heroes.

The return of the original dinosaur theme wasn't the only thing to link Dino Thunder to the original Power Rangers. Tommy himself was a relic, as well as the return of the high school setting, which had gone virtually unseen since the first two seasons. There was the evil White ranger, whose story ran almost parallel to the first season's Green Ranger arc, yet was slightly twisted. In this season, Tommy was revealed to have been studying viciously during his time away; he is Dr. Oliver now, with a PhD in paleontology. During his college time, he and his friends experimented with dinosaur DNA. He created ranger powers, probably drawing on his multi-colored past for inspiration. The others accidentally mutated themselves into something far sinister. It is a spectacular blending of an old story told in a new style.


Based on: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Airdates: February 5th, 2005 ~ February 2nd, 2006
            Jack Landors (Red)
            Skye Tate (Blue)
            Bridge Carson (Green)
            Z Delgado (Yellow)
            Sydney Drew (Pink)
            Sam (Omega)
            Doggie Cruger (Shadow)
            Kat Manx (Kat)

In the year 2025, the Earth has become an intergalactic hub where different species from across the galaxy convene and conduct their affairs, both personal and professional. The Space Patrol Delta (SPD) is the organization that polices these affairs and maintains peace. The evil emperor Grumm, who has already conquered several planets, sets his sights on Earth as his next target. At the beginning of this series of assaults, the A-Squad Power Rangers rush off to a mission and vanish without a trace, leaving the lowly B-Squad rangers to keep the invading forces under control.

In the fandom realm, this is the series most hotly debated over in reference to its portrayal of female characters. Sydney and Z, pink and yellow respectively, are background characters in most episodes, and have minimal impact on even the episodes designated as "theirs". The Pink and Yellow rangers in its Japanese counterpart Dekaranger had several episodes featuring them, though the greater majority of those episodes involved minimal time in their Ranger costumes. This led to the production staff citing a lack of useable footage to give their SPD female leads proper episodes on the show's miniscule budget. Another theory involves a possible attitude from Disney regarding women acting "too strongly" in a series geared for boys: producer Bruce Kalish has commented that it was a battle to convince Disney to let a woman play the part of the A-Squad's Red Ranger, even though that character only appears in three episodes.

Mystic Force

Based on: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Airdates: February 20th, 2006 ~ Present
            Nick Russell / Bowen (Red)
            Chip Thorn (Yellow)
            Xander Bly (Green)
            Madison Rocca (Blue)
            Vida Rocca (Pink)
            Udonna (White)
            Daggeron (Solaris Knight)

Twenty years ago, a great demon army rose from the underworld, intent on conquering the human world and the world of magic. A war broke out, but eventually was contained with the help of one brave magician. From then on, the magic world has segregated itself from the human realm, determined to keep humans from ever knowing the underworld's inhabitants existed. That is, of course, until an earthquake shakes up the area and relieves enough pressure from the ancient seal to let the demons trickle back up.

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