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About Christopher
Full name: Christopher Anton Knight
Birthdate: November 7, 1957
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York
Siblings: Two brothers and a sister

Chris Knight is not a Brady, but he's played one on TV. Although he is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the more well-adjusted middle child Peter on the 70s-era sitcom The Brady Bunch, he is no mere Sunflower Girl. He has become a self-made man, who took several years to establish himself in the IT industry before returning to television as both a host and as himself. Most recently, he has been visible in several of VH1's Celebreality series, most notably the fourth season of The Surreal World, and both seasons of his own reality series, My Fair Brady, which chronicles his then-budding relationship with his (third) wife, model Adrianne Curry.


Explaining the title
I could have titled this fanlist after some kind of Brady Bunch pun. But that isn't what Chris is anymore, and I don't want to limit this tribute to him by building a box around its potential with just a title. Instead, I've chosen a reference to his family name, Knight. On the chessboard, the knights are the tank pieces. They can move over blockades and through barriers, able to weasel past all defenses and win you over without you realizing they'd arrived in your heart at all. That's the way Chris Knight arrives, leaving you a fan before you know what hit you. Checkmate indeed.

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