About Cecil and Rydia

Please be aware that this quick passage contains minor spoilers. If you haven't played through at least the first half of the game, you might want to go do that before reading. ^^

Cecil Harvey is a deeply flawed man trying to do right. When we meet him, he is a dark knight carrying out the orders of a king rumoured to be losing his mind. One of those orders was to deliver a "bomb ring" to a neighboring village of summoners. (To quote another FF4 fan: "What did you think a bomb ring would do?") Along the way, he encounters a dragon protecting the village and slays it, like one would expect any journeying hero to do without blinking an eye. The problem? That dragon had been summoned, and in killing it, Cecil succeded in killing the woman who summoned it. That woman left behind a single child, who we first meet sobbing over her mother's corpse. To make matters worse, upon entering the village, the bomb ring sets itself in action, releasing little bomb creatures that burn down the entire village in moments. Cecil is left to stand aghast as the little girl, Rydia, makes the connection that this stranger must have brought along the village's chaos. In a rage, she summons her own monster, a Titan, who causes an earthquake that desolates everything still left.

Their story together begins as the tremors subside and Cecil awakes to find only Rydia beside her. His traveling companion nowhere to be found and presumed to be dead, he takes the child in his arms and vows to protect her from any future heartache. It's the least he can do, he reasons, since each seems to be the last person left for the other.

They travel to a small desert village, where Cecil rents a room at an inn for the two of them. In the middle of the night, soldiers from Cecil's hometown rush inside demanding Rydia's life, as all Summoners were to have been exterminated. Cecil refuses to allow any more killing, and fights them off. Only then does Rydia reconsider her feelings about Cecil. Touched by his bravery and willingness to risk his life for her own, Rydia finally tells him her name.

The Subjective

The dynamic between these two is fascinating because it's born of absolute despiration. Rydia is an orphan who needs a parent, and Cecil needs someone, anyone to love and fill the void left by a darkened spirit. They adopt one another to build a makeshift family. Throughout their travels, they are there to act as a fully functional support system, until she is taken to the underworld and presumed dead. When she emerges, it is as a young adult, yet her sensitivity and pure heart remain the same. This physical growth only makes the bond with Cecil seem like more of a father; it's as if we've watched her come into her own under his wing. Her development is Cecil's first step in his transformation from Dark Knight to Paladin, and gives him hope that he can atone for even his worst sins.

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