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Age: 5
Title: "Commander and the Leader"
Made from: "Everything Nice"
Non-English Names: Belle ("Beauty" - French), Petalo ("Blossom" - Spanish), Bombon ("Marshmellow" - Mexican Spanish).
Nicknames from Buttercup: Leader-Girl, Ice Princess, Little Miss Bossey-Boots, Red, Little Miss Perfect
Unique Powers: Ice Breath, (temporary) Fire Breath, Ultra-Sensitive Hearing, Ultra Super Negotiating Powers, Knowledge of where to find giant jars
Voice Actress: Catherine Cavedini


Many PPG fans have accused Blossom of being the "boring" Puff because her personality is less of an easily-labelled stereotype. She's something of a balance between "sugar" and "spice." This places her in the interesting position of being both tough and cute without being allowed to traverse into one of the other two Puffs' territories. That, however, is the believability of her character.

Blossom has taken it upon herself to be the leader. As such, she has something of a Teacher's Pet mentality. She needs to be in control at all times, and seeks the approval of adults at several occasions. Of the episodes that feature her, most deal on some level with the pressure she places on herself to be "perfect" and the unhappiness that ensues when that perfection eludes her. At times, she also doubles as a surrogate mother for her sisters, probably also due to the self-inflicted pressure to be able to support everyone.


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(Many of the statistucs were adapted from Puff Stuff. If you're interested in what's here, then I highly suggest visiting that page for more in-depth analyses.)