Suzuki Airi
Kanji: 鈴木愛理
Date of Birth: April 4, 1994
Nickname: Ai-chan, Airin
Groups: Hello! Project Kids, Aa!, 4KIDS, °C-ute
Hobby: Purikura, singing, dancing
Special Skill: Y-shaped balance, singing
Strong Point: I get along with everyone!
Weak Point: Once I start talking, I can't stop!
Habit: Touching my bangs
Favorite Color: White, light blue, pink, black
Favorite Flower: Lily, hibiscus
Disliked Thing to Do: I can't touch bugs!
Scared of: Haunted houses, lightning
Favorite Movie: Ghibli series, "Harry Potter," "Lilo & Stitch"
Favorite Book: "Magic Tree House," "Atashinchi," "Zerori"
Favorite Word: "Arigatou" (thank you)
Favorite Season: Spring (my birthday), Fall (not that many bugs)
Favorite Food: Chinjao roast, tacos, green bell peppers, tomato spaghetti, monjayaki, sushi, natto
Least Favorite Food: Sweet carrots next to hamburger steaks, mini tomatoes, parsley, celery, cauliflower
Favorite Song: Aa! - First Kiss
Charm Point: Ears

Name Translation: In her family name, 鈴, "suzu" is a little bell, decorating 木, "ki," which is the kanji for "tree." Her given name seems rather inspirational, combining 愛, "love," with 理, "reason." In using 愛理 for "Airi," her name loosely translates as a reason for love's existance.

Subjective Fangirling

Since the summer of 2003, the group fo then-youngsters known collectively as the "Hello! Project Kids" have been in the public eye, and from the initial moment of their inception onward, Airi has always been the standout member. H!P talent is always the subject of debate, since their vocalists are often chosen for their look rather than their sound. Airi is where they differ. She marched into that audition and belted out a rendition of BoA's "Kimochi wa Tsutawaru" that amazed EVERYONE. She is the lone member from the "Kids" audition that posessed a talent that couldn't be disputed. She was almost immediately thrown into headlining a subgroup, "Aa!". Though Morning Musume's Tanaka Reina was technically "leader", it was little nine year old Airi who sang most of the mature lyrics. Since then, she has been steadily performing in concerts with her fellow members of C-ute, and worming her way into everyone's hearts.

In C-ute, Airi was shoved to the front in a showcase of her talents not only with vocalizing, but with a tight rendition of each single's choreography, proving herself as a strong dancer in addition to her aforementioned vocalistic ability. If there was any doubt remaining about the versatility of her as a well-rounded performer, Airi was also chosen as a new addition to Hello!Project's futsal (think soccer with a smaller net) team.

(Profile statistics lifted from her Wiki.theppn entry.)